Zero Plastic Month on our Markets

🌿 Discover a Green May on our Markets ! The Markets Unit of the City of Brussels' Economic Affairs Department is opening the doors to a month of May dedicated to sustainability and the preservation of our environment! Join us as we explore a multitude of alternatives, diverse practices, and ingenious tricks to reduce your waste and combat wastage.

🌱 Throughout the month, our markets will be transformed into veritable oases of sustainable solutions. Animations for young and old will be deployed, all highlighting our common thread: Zero Plastic! From fun demonstrations and raffles to interactive workshops and tips, let yourself be inspired by concrete initiatives that will help you adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

🌍 Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore our selection of local, fresh and eco-responsible products. And don't forget to equip yourself! Bring your reusable bags and containers of all kinds 

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Created on 24/04/2024