Use of Single-Use Plastic Products is Over

Belgium took another step towards zero waste on 24 January 2022. Indeed, the sale of certain "single-use" plastic products has been prohibited across the country ever since.

What are single-use plastics actually? The FPS Health Food Chain Safety and Environment explains that these include cutlery, plates, containers, and cups for EPS drinks, straws, and cotton buds.

Some other product categories such as certain hygienic products will still be allowed. However, label elements will allow for easy identification. This will make consumers aware of the presence of plastic as well as its impact on the environment.

Soon, we will no longer see single-use products on our shelves, which will push us towards reusable products. Still a little patience though. The current stocks can still be sold.

17 January 2023 is the key date to bear in mind. Plastic bags with a handle that we can find in shops will be prohibited as of then. Some exceptions will still be allowed, for example, reusable bags or bags offered at airports. As of 2023, there will be controls carried out.

For more information, visit the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment website:

Created on 18/02/2022