Good resolutions

A new year is setting in, and with it the opportunity to go zero waste. This is the perfect time to implement good zero waste resolutions in your daily life. Here are some key resolutions:

1.  Limit your waste production: this year (and all those to come), avoid over-packaged products, give or lend what you no longer want, but which can still be used by others.

2.  Avoid unnecessary water expenses: take short showers. Take it further and only consume tap water instead of bottled water. Take your reusable water bottle with you when you go to work, school, workout, on a walk...

3.  This year, energy prices are soaring! So for the planet and your wallet, try to diminish your energy consumption. Reducing your heating by 1°C will result in 7% savings on your bill.

4.  Too much food waste in our bins? Use a composting bin, a worm composting bin or a bokashi. The City of Brussels offers a bonus for the purchase of a worm composting bin:

5.  Do you have young children? And are you appalled by the amount of disposable nappies in your trash? Then opt for washable nappies! The City grants a bonus for your purchase:

6.  What about buying second-hand items or renting? The City of Brussels has just launched its own renting service, with Usitoo. To rent items at a low price, you can take a look here:


For more tips and tricks, browse the site:


So, are you determined to produce less waste ?


Created on 21/01/2022