Global Recycling Day

Recycling Day has existed since 1994 and aims to promote the use of recycled materials. Since 2018, it has gone global and takes place every March 18. If it is important today to focus on recycling, it is because it allows us to reduce our carbon footprint as well as to control our dependence on natural resources, which are not unlimited.

It's no longer a secret: good recycling requires good sorting. Depending on the color of the bins and therefore the type of components, the waste-resources. The waste- resources are taken, sorted and recycled by the competent organization.

Let's take a quick look at some recycling channels in Brussels, the City or the Region :

As you know, not everything goes through the garbage cans. For these waste-resources, there are other disposal options:

  • Bulky waste collection

The City of Brussels offers collections of your bulky waste on the street and also at home. Each item is disposed of in a specific container so that it can be recycled and the materials/resources, with which it is made, reused as much as possible.
In your neighborhood:
At home: 

  • Recypark

The Bruxelles-Propreté regional agency has several recycpark on the regional territory. You can bring the waste that you cannot evacuate via the garbage can collection.
There is one on the territory of the City for the moment: "Rue du Rupel (near the Van Praet bridge, by the canal) in 1000 Brussels". Another is also planned in Haren for 2024.
More info:


Recycling is one of the essential solutions not to be underestimated for our future. So don't forget to use the many facilities offered by the City of Brussels and the Region to continue to recycle waste properly. On this March 18, we celebrate recycling day, but let's not forget that effective recycling must be honored all year long! ♻️

Created on 11/03/2022