The EWWR is fast approaching! The what? The EWWR, the European Week for Waste Reduction. And it’s already the 13th edition in 2021. This important week for the Zero Waste movement will take place in Belgium and Europe from the 20th to 28th of November. This week is the perfect opportunity to take part in a series of events and animations focused on Zero Waste. For more information, please visit the EWWR European website:

The City of Brussels organizes an action to raise awareness on the Bockstael market on Saturday the 27th November. Community agents will offer a quiz on the themes of Zero Waste and Public Cleanliness to passers-by. The questions will focus on their general knowledge around these two topics. Questionnaire participants will be offered a Zero Waste kit. This kit is the opportunity to familiarize them with tools such as a reusable drinking bottle, a bulk jar, a solid soap and other objects to start their Zero Waste adventure.

The objective of the action is clear: Raise awareness among citizens about the importance of reducing waste. It is also the opportunity to make them discover the Zero Waste website of the City.

The European Week for Waste Reduction
Created on 16/11/2021