Ici commence la mer

Installation of “Here the sea begins" plaques by the City

Do you know where the sea begins? In the city is where it actually starts, at every manhole and gutter. These are the places to which surface runoff and road cleaning water drain.

Created on 02/03/2023
Happy Halloween

Zero waste Halloween? No, it’s not a trick!

This year, there's no need to dig deep into your wallet and buy new, horribly over-packaged accessories. Especially ones that serve no purpose the rest of the year. You can create a perfectly petrifying display with things that have been lurking long-forgotten in your cupboards and wardrobes. 


No need to be afraid, just gather round and listen carefully. You’ll be sure to strike terror into the hearts of trick-or-treaters, young and old alike… 

Created on 19/10/2022

World Cleanup Day 2022

See you on 17 September 2022 for World Cleanup Day

Alone, in a group or with the sweeper, clean the streets of Brussels in a good mood!

For this day, the City of Brussels honors those who clean the city each day, by organizing an open day of several depots of the Cleaning Service.

Created on 25/08/2022
Jardiner ZD

Gardening without waste, all our tips!

Spring is here!  It's time to green up your balcony, terrace or garden.
One mission: zero waste gardening!

First of all, choose your gardening equipment carefully. 
No more plastic equipment that cannot withstand gardening work. We opt for solid tools that last over time! Are you thinking that quality tools are expensive, especially if you rarely use them? 

Created on 12/04/2022

Global Recycling Day

Recycling Day has existed since 1994 and aims to promote the use of recycled materials. Since 2018, it has gone global and takes place every March 18. If it is important today to focus on recycling, it is because it allows us to reduce our carbon footprint as well as to control our dependence on natural resources, which are not unlimited.

Created on 11/03/2022

Use of Single-Use Plastic Products is Over

Belgium took another step towards zero waste on 24 January 2022. Indeed, the sale of certain "single-use" plastic products has been prohibited across the country ever since.

What are single-use plastics actually? The FPS Health Food Chain Safety and Environment explains that these include cutlery, plates, containers, and cups for EPS drinks, straws, and cotton buds.

Created on 18/02/2022
compost day

World Compost Day 2022

The Brussels Compost Discovery Day

When? On Sunday 20 March 2022
Where? All over Brussels
For more information, visit the website

Why compost? What to compost? How to compost? 
Want to recycle your organic waste but don't know how? 

Created on 18/02/2022

Good resolutions

A new year is setting in, and with it the opportunity to go zero waste. This is the perfect time to implement good zero waste resolutions in your daily life. Here are some key resolutions:

1.  Limit your waste production: this year (and all those to come), avoid over-packaged products, give or lend what you no longer want, but which can still be used by others.

Created on 21/01/2022


The City of Brussels' “Prêterie Project” makes renting various objects at a low cost possible for its inhabitants. Thanks to this service, the purchase of an object used only once or twice a year can be avoided. These objects often become waste in the long term, and are also a  waste of resources and money.

Created on 11/01/2022
The European Week for Waste Reduction


The EWWR is fast approaching! The what? The EWWR, the European Week for Waste Reduction. And it’s already the 13th edition in 2021. This important week for the Zero Waste movement will take place in Belgium and Europe from the 20th to 28th of November. This week is the perfect opportunity to take part in a series of events and animations focused on Zero Waste. For more information, please visit the EWWR European website:

Created on 16/11/2021