Good resolutions

A new year is setting in, and with it the opportunity to go zero waste. This is the perfect time to implement good zero waste resolutions in your daily life. Here are some key resolutions:

1.  Limit your waste production: this year (and all those to come), avoid over-packaged products, give or lend what you no longer want, but which can still be used by others.

Created on 21/01/2022


The City of Brussels' “Prêterie Project” makes renting various objects at a low cost possible for its inhabitants. Thanks to this service, the purchase of an object used only once or twice a year can be avoided. These objects often become waste in the long term, and are also a  waste of resources and money.

Created on 11/01/2022
The European Week for Waste Reduction


The EWWR is fast approaching! The what? The EWWR, the European Week for Waste Reduction. And it’s already the 13th edition in 2021. This important week for the Zero Waste movement will take place in Belgium and Europe from the 20th to 28th of November. This week is the perfect opportunity to take part in a series of events and animations focused on Zero Waste. For more information, please visit the EWWR European website:

Created on 16/11/2021
Prime langes lavables

Washable diapers bonus

The City of Brussels gives a bonus for the purchase or rental (collection and cleaning included) of washable nappies (diapers).

Only diapers (washable diapers, coveralls or protective pants and textile inserts) are eligible for the premium, accessories are not included.

You can find the application form on the website of the City:


Created on 10/09/2021
Journée Mondiale de la Propreté

World Cleanup Day

September 18th is World Cleanup Day. Alone, in a group or with the sweeper, clean the streets of Brussels in a good mood!

For this day, the City of Brussels honors those who clean the city each day, by organizing an open day of several depots of the Cleaning Service. From 10 am, come meet your neighborhood sweepers and accompany them in their cleaning tour from 11 am to 2 pm. 

More information:

Created on 19/01/2021
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